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You can find private landlord insurance right here, but before your compare quotes with eLandlord Insurance, take a look at the types of cover you should be looking at.


Buildings Insurance for Private Landlords


This type of cover will protect your building from structural damages caused by subsidence, also fire and water damage. If your building is damaged or sloping, the insurance company will pay to fix the problem.


All landlords should purchase landlord buildings insurance as it is the most important type of insurance products for your letting business.


Next, contents insurance, let's see what this covers.


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Contents Insurance for Private Landlords


This type of insurance for private landlords will pay out and cover your contents of the property. It covers things like washing machines, tumble dryers, carpets, and all items that are damaged by tenants or pets. It will include your internal fire doors.


If you are the unfortunate one to take on a bad tenant and they steal or vandalize the property and cause a lot of damage, then if you want, you could claim your insurance for this.


Contents insurance can also cover skirting boards, internal plasterboard walls and any fixtures and fitting like this. The insurance company will pay to get your rental property back to the original condition it was in before the damage happened, basically.


Tenants Contents Insurance for Private Landlords


The tenant should purchase their own content insurance, which covers their property if you are renting out an unfurnished flat, tenants contents insurance if the perfect solution for the tenant who invests in their own furniture.


Next we'll look at rent guarantee insurance.


Rent Guarantee Insurance for Private Landlords


If you have a long-term tenant or even a short-term tenant you can cover the property with rent guarantee insurance. If the tenant accidental sets the place on fire and they can no longer live on the property, the insurance company will pay your rent until the property becomes rentable again.


Your landlord insurance can also include emergency accommodation insurance, this type of insurance will pay for emergency accommodation for your tenant while your damaged property is being fixed.


Now we'll have a look at landlord emergency assistance insurance.


Emergency Assistance Private Landlord Insurance


Landlord emergency assistance insurance is a great add-on to your policy. No matter what time or day it is, the insurance company will organize emergency repairs. The types of repairs are listed below.


  • Emergency glass cover
  • Emergency door locks
  • Emergency shuttering
  • Emergency plumber
  • Emergency electrician
  • Emergency boiler care


Emergency cover is a must have protection for landlords with more than one property as it saves private landlords money in the long run. Any of these insurance types can be added to your private landlord insurance policy, choose wisely and ask for help.


If you need a private landlord insurance policy from the best insurers in the UK, try our free to use service for private landlords. You can save up to 35% on the cover just buying using the free service from eLandlord


Compare policies and choose the best one private landlord.

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