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Landlord Insurance With Pet Protection

Landlord Insurance Pet Protection Tenants with Pets - Need Cover Landlords?

Landlord Insurance With Pet Protection


Do you have a tenant with a pet and need landlord insurance to cover the cost of damage that could be caused by pets? Good, we can help with that.


Read more about tenant insurance covering accidental damage from pets, or get an online quote to cover the contents of your property from pet damage. Get a quote here.


More About Landlord Insurance with Pet Cover


Contents and liability landlord insurance are the basis of a good insurance plan especially when you have a tenant with pets, such as a dog or a cat. By adding contents insurance to your policy, you are protecting your property from accidental and damages done by the tenant or by the tenants pet. Buildings insurance protects you from damage caused by fire, theft, and vandalism. The value of your contents will be awarded to you if any of your content covered by the policy is destroyed.


If it is deemed repairable, your insurance will pay for the damages and repair costs before they buy a new item. Contents insurance will cover damages from the tenant’s pets. If you occupy the property yourself with a landlord insurance policy, those items will have to come out of your pocket. You can get additional coverage to cover your personal contents.


Do You Need Landlord Buildings Insurance?


No matter what property you have or insurance policy you opt for, it is highly advisable to add buildings insurance coverage to your policy. This protects you in the event of a fire and other accidental damages – which is great for landlords – or landlords who don’t have enough insurance to cover contents. Make sure your policy also covers any legal costs you may encounter.


Decisions, Decisions!


When you have decided on the insurance company you wish to use to secure your contents insurance with pet protection, contact them and find out what your options are and what they offer for building insurance. Your annual premium cost will be based on your property type, insurance record, the area in which the tenant lives, whether or not you have a landlord certification and a gas safety certificate from a certified body, and the type of tenant you are insuring.


Can You Get a Discount?


When you compare prices on eLandlord Insurance, you can get a discount of up to thirty-five percent. A good no claims record may also offer you a discount on your landlord insurance. Multi-property discounts may be available and how you use your tenancy could reduce your premium. If you live in an area where the crime is low, you could get a further discount.


If you are a part-time landlord ask if your insurance company offers a low-cost option. This allows you to temporarily stop making premium payments on all aspects of your policy except comprehensive coverage during the winter months. This can help you save money during the time you are not renting out the property.


Compare landlord contents insurance with pet protection and get the policy you with pet cover.

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