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Landlord Insurance for Kitchen Appliances

Compare landlord insurance for kitchen appliances and save up to 35% off your policy with eLandlord Insurance today!


What does landlord insurance for kitchen appliances actually cover and how much does it cost my letting business? If you want your white goods and other electronic devices covered for vandalism and malicious damage, read on, you can compare policies when you done and save up to 35% off cover.


What Kitchen Appliances Are Covered?


Good like washing machines, fridge freezers, tumble dryers; microwaves and dishwashers are covered under a policy. Other items can also be insured, just keep the receipts and make note of insured items in a folder for future reference.


Is My Actual Kitchen Covered?


If the tenant wrecks the whole kitchen, if, you would need landlord contents insurance to cover this and the good news is that the it is the same policy for your white goods, so yes it does cover your kitchen if the tenant go's mad.


What About Kitchen Appliances Repairs


Some insurance companies will cover repairs for kitchen appliances under your emergency assistance insurance but this varies from insurer to insurer. Most big insurers do offer repair services or you can repair goods yourself if you don't want extra cover for this.


If you're a handy person or you know a handy person like most landlords do, get them to repair it for a small charge or a favour. If you need separate boiler assistance try British Gas or cover your boiler under your landlords insurance policy here.


What Policy Am I Looking For Then?


The policy to cover the kitchen and all your kitchen appliances is a contents insurance policy which can be purchased alone or together with a buildings insurance policy for your many properties or if you are a first-time landlord your single property.


Can I Save on a Policy?


If you use our system here at eLandlord Insurance, you can save up to 35% off your policy when you compare insurance companies. You can save 35% because most top-rated insurers are in the panel of insurers and they compete for your business.


Fill in one form and leave the rest to us for even better landlord insurance for kitchen appliances from the UK's best.

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