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Landlord Insurance for Empty Properties

Landlord Insurance for Empty Properties Landlord Insurance for Empty Properties

Compare Landlord Insurance for Empty Properties


Need landlord insurance for empty properties because it's sitting vulnerable and worried about break-ins or other damages? We can help you right here at eLandlord


Landlords Insurance for Empty Properties Explained!


When your property is lying empty, it's always good practice to have landlord insurance for empty properties because it just saves you worrying about the flat or house when you don't have a tenant living in it.


We can help you find contents and building insurance cheaper with up to 35% off your premiums when you use our free comparison tools right on this very website, eLandlord Insurance.


When you buy the policy, you'll be covered for fire and building damages. You'll also be covered for new door locks and key replacement if the door gets kicked in, just in case, you never know.


The policy won't need upgrading when the tenant moves in either because you'll have the necessary policy that covers your part of the landlord agreement. You may want to upgrade the policy for loss of rent insurance, but that is up to you.


You can find out more about the different types of landlord insurance for empty properties or you can get a quote for landlord insurance for empty properties if you don't have much time in your hands.


Contents Insurance for Empty Properties


If you want to add this contents cover of your empty property, you can. This will cover your fixtures and fittings, white goods, internal doors, carpets, the TV and any other items you want to cover.


The insurance company may want to know what you want to cover and they may require receipts for each item. So it's good to keep the receipts in a safe place.


Building Insurance for Empty Properties


This is the cover you'll want for fire protection and it's the most common type of landlord insurance you'll find. Having this type of insurance is a sure way of protecting your building if it falls apart.


You May Be Interested in These Also


Loss of Rent Insurance


Covers your rent payments if the flat or house goes on fire and gets burnt to the ground. It pays your rent until the property is rebuilt by the insurance company.


Some insurers differ in rent payments so you'll want to ask how long for and how much they put towards your rent if you have a mortgage on the property.


Some insurance companies only pay a percentage of your rent and you'll have to pay the rest out your own pocket.


Commercial Property Landlord Insurance


If you have a commercial building, you'll need a type of landlord insurance for that building. The cost will vary, depending on the amount you need to insure the building for.


Landlord Insurance DSS Tenants


If you take on DDS tenants, you'll need DSS landlord insurance for your new occupied property. But since your property in empty, you'll not need this right now, come back to eLandlord Insurance when you need it and we'll get a 35% discount on your policy.


Emergency Cover


This is a very good type of cover for empty buildings. If you need a tradesman in the middle of the night, the insurance company will take care if this for you. In some cases, you don't even need to get out your bed because the tenant can be left with the contact details.


If you are ready to compare landlord insurance for empty properties and save some cash, get a quote right now, click here.


Or go to the quote form.

Landlord Insurance for Empty Property Landlords Insurance for Empty Property
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