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Landlord Insurance for 90 Days

Get Landlord Insurance for 90 Days!


When you need landlord insurance for a short time like 90 days there are companies out there that can help you, I'm going to show you how you can find landlord insurance for 90 days and also find you the policy at the cheapest possible price in the process.


Why would you need short term landlord insurance?


When you need cover for tenants who are living in a property short term or cover because you are selling your flat or house and you only need cover it while you own it, you can get a policy here.


Whatever you need it for let's have a look at the possibilities?


If want a buildings insurance policy for 90 days because you are worried about fire, flooding or how to get rid of a tenant you can get one here. As long as your landlord insurance policy is active this will cover your building in the sane way an annual policy would do.  However, some insurers won't offer you a 90-day policy because most insurers only offer annual policies for contents and buildings insurance for landlords. 


The short-term cover will cover everything a landlord insurance policy has to offer.  You don’t need to worry about being left out because your buildings and your contents will be fully covered with the short-term cover we're going to recommend to you.


There are only a handful of landlord insurance companies that offer short-term cover, however when you use our services on, we’ll find you a cracking 90-day policy.


Do you have more than one property?


If you have a portfolio of properties or even if you are a first-time landlord insurance buyer, you can get the help you need right here.  Compare annual policies and short-term policies and remember to come back every year and compare your landlord insurance because this works just like car insurance, prices change all the time, so you never know when prices change or is made available to you as a landlord.  This is very important to remember if you want to save a few quid every year.


How does our comparison service work to find you 90-day cover?


Step 1.  Fill in your details let your property address and postcode.

Step 2.  Tell us a bit about your tenants.

Step 3.  Press the submit button and insurers compete for your business and offered you the best and cheapest price.


The service works very well for landlords in the UK especially landlords who are looking for landlord insurance for 90 days. Give it a go yourself and you'll see what we talking about.

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