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Compare Landlord Insurance for 6 Months


Buying landlord insurance for 6 months can protect your property from all eventualities; let's have a look at what you get for your money.  


Why would you need a party for 6 months would you consider taking a policy out for a year because this could work out cheaper than a policy for 6 months, but you may not own the property for that long so that's why this page was created so we can find you a policy to cover your property for 6 months only. 

Because I am a landlord myself I have the knowledge when dealing with landlord insurance companies so you can bet your boots I'll find you a policy in no time at all.


Buildings insurance for 6 months


Running away thing business can be a stressful time as every landlord knows this but running your letting business without insurance just leads to the inevitable. 


I've been a landlord for the past 8 years and I know how important a landlord insurance policy is for your business.  When you need buildings insurance for 6 months the best way to do it would be to use a comparison website just like this one you're on, I have borrowed a comparison system from a top insurance company so you can compare policies for 6 months or even a year so you know where to come to for all your landlord insurance needs


Do you need landlord contents insurance for 6 months only?


Whatever you want to do, buy contents only insurance or buy contents and buildings insurance combined policy, it really is up to you.  If you're more concerned about the contents that I'm your property then buy a contents insurance policy because that's all covered landlord for anything theft or malicious damage, it will also cover you for accidental damage if you want to be covered for tenants damaging your property as well.


Landlord contents and buildings insurance combined


Like I said, you can buy contents only or go for full protection with contents and buildings insurance combined into one policy.   There are many landlords out there that go for this but since you only want a six-month policy you can consider both options and choose the most cost-effective solution for your business.


Do you need emergency assistance insurance for 6 months?


Emergency assistance insurance will give you assistance for your boiler and central heating system so they are always in working order, if you need emergency repairs your tenant can phone an emergency repair hotline and the insurance company will sort everything out for you.  The great thing about this policy is that you don't even need to get out your bed you can leave the information with the tenant and they can sort everything out between them and insurance company.


There are an extra cost to emergency assistance insurance just like any add-on, but again since you only want a 6 month policy you could just forget about this and just take contents or a separate buildings insurance policy, I would recommend that if you want to cover your property only for 6 months, choose the buildings insurance policy and if you are renting out an unfurnished flat you can forget about the contents insurance policy because this will save you money as you have no valuable furniture within the property that you own personally.


Get landlord insurance for 6 months with better prices, go for it.

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