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Landlord Contents Insurance - What's Covered!

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Landlord Contents Insurance Explained!


In addition to buildings insurance, landlord contents insurance protects against property damage or malicious damage caused by tenants. 


Let's find out more about this type of cover.


Understanding Landlord Contents Insurance


If you want to insure your contents, this is the policy for your letting business. Most policies will not cover accidental damage, but it will cover maliciously caused by the tenant. 


The policy also covers other sorts of theft and damages to your property, we'll explain in this article.


Accidental Damage to Contents


You can claim your landlord insurance policy for any damaged goods from the cookers to the kitchen sink. The policy really does cover everything in your let flat or house.


You can claim up to £5,000 for most policies but please check with your insurance company first. The policy will cover all your needs and there's plenty the policy will cover, so you can take it out and have it there just in case you really need it.


Malicious Damage by Tenants


Malicious damage is a real problem for UK landlords, the landlords who have seen the most problems come from DSS tenants. More professional tenants don't seem to have a problem with malicious but it can happen and that's why landlords contents insurance is a product you can buy to save the costs when this happens to you.




Theft is another huge problem for landlords that's why most landlords with assets take a policy like this out. The policy should pay for stolen items of furniture, white goods and garden furniture.


Landlords Gardening Equipment


If you have expensive garden furniture laying around it's better to secure them properly in the first place before they get stolen because it saves you claiming your landlords contents insurance and all the hassle that's involved.


Only use this policy when you need it most and don't abuse the policy because it's really handy when things do get stolen.


And that's it, you now know what a landlord contents insurance policy will pay out for and it won't pay out for. The insurance company will advise you more on this when you take out your policy.


Please ask them what actually​ is covered as some insurers are different and offer different amounts of cover for items around your let property.


Compare landlord contents insurance right here and find a policy that suits your business in minutes.

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