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Buy to Let Insurance with Malicious Damage

Compare Buy to Let Insurance with Malicious Damage


When you need buy to let insurance with malicious damage cover you may need a contents insurance policy to cover malicious damage caused by tenants or the tenants pets if they have any.


The first step in understanding a contents insurance policy and what it pays out for then you have an idea of what your buying and what's covered.


Let's find out.


Contents Insurance with Malicious Damage Cover Explained


Your landlord’s contents insurance policy will cover for malicious damage. Some policies, however, will not cover accidental damage but some will. The contents insurance policy will also cover damages to your internal doors and fittings. It will also cover carpets and sofas belonging to you (the landlord), as well as white goods if the tenant steals them.


You may need to prove where and when you bought your furniture so keep all receipts. If you are not good at keeping receipts, give them to your wife or someone close to you for safe keeping.


3 Ways to Save Money on Landlord Contents Insurance


Read about three ways to save money on your landlords insurance that you may never have heard of before and learn to get the lowest insurance quotes out there today.


If you want to find the best landlords insurance, you’re going to have to take a look at quite a few landlord property insurance quotes. Shopping around can really help you get a great deal, and you should never go with the first insurance company that you come across.


Sure, the company may say they offer the best rates, but until you shop around, you won’t really know. When it comes to saving money on landlord insurance, the following are three great ways to save money that you may have never known about.


Be Honest About Your Insurance History


First of all, be sure that you are honest about your claims history when you are trying to get cheaper landlord insurance. If you are not honest you’ll get hurt in the long run. However, if you have a great no claims history, you’ll be more likely to get a good rate. In fact, many companies offer up to a 35% discount for landlords.


Check Landlord Insurance Comparison Sites


Another way to save money on your landlord insurance is to make sure that you check comparison sites like eLandlord Insurance for your letting insurance quotes. Our site offers a variety of quotes from many great companies so it is easy for you to compare. So, if you really want to save on insurance, compare insurance companies right now for the best quotes.


Haggle with the Company


Most landlords don’t know that haggling with an insurance company can help you save money on insurance. If you get a great quote from one company, don’t be afraid to let another company know that and see if they will go lower. While it may not always work, in many cases it will help you get a better rate.


So, these are three great ways that you can truly save money on buy to let insurance with malicious damage cover. The next time you’re looking for the best quotes, keep these ways in mind to help you get the best deal possible.


And remember to visit eLandlord Insurance every year to compare buy to let insurance with added malicious damage cover again because this can also save you quite a bit of money.

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