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Do you want the best landlord buildings insurance you can find online? Well, you can first let's have a look at what building insurance for landlords actually coverers.


Accidental Damage to Glass and Toilet Fittings


If the glass around your property gets smashed by the tenant or by you accidentally, the insurance company will pay for a replacement. They will also pay for plumbing work for your toilet.


Accidental Damage by Tenants


If you tenant damages something valuable you can claim your insurance for these items. Make a list and tell the insurance company about them and keep all receipts. The insurance company will also cover damages caused by guest if you have a holiday home you rent out.


Malicious Damage by Tenants or Guests


The dreaded tenant nightmare you don't want to face, but if you do, there is a solution that saves you the grief. Malicious damage cover landlord insurance is covered under your buildings insurance or your contents insurance with some companies.


Each claim will pay around £25,000 but this can vary depending on the insurance company. Your building insurance will also pay for theft and forced entry to the premises.


Your insurance will stand as you move between tenancies.


Damage to Landscape Gardens


If you've invested in a lovely garden for your rented property and a tenant vandalised it in any way, you’re covered. The insurance company will pay for damages to your garden up the value of £25,000.


This again depends on the insurance company you choose.


Theft of Front and Back Door Keys


Replacement locks and key are costly therefore insurance can be taken out to avoid these costs under your buildings insurance policy. They will replace all door locks and make the property secure and if you have emergency cover this can be done anytime, day or night.


Buildings Insurance Covers Loss of Metered Utilities


If for any reason, the tenant loses the water supply or if you have an old tanker for heating and it interrupts the service provided by the landlord (you) the insurance company will handle the repair work.


Cover for CCTV Security Systems


If you have CCTV installed in your property for peace of mind security and it breaks down, you covered. CCTV is a great deterrence and a great selling to attract new tenants.


If the system develops a fault the insurance company will send a trained CCTV engineer to fix the system and get it back in order.


Removal of Bird & Wasp Nests


A bird or a wasp nest can be a nuisance so removing them requires a skill set. Trying to remove a nest yourself could cause damage to your health, especially if you have an allergy to stings.


It's just not safe to remove a nest yourself so leave it to the experts and let the insurance company handle all the legwork for you.


Landlord Building Insurance Explained


There you have it, your landlord building insurance really is a life saver for the landlord in the UK. Get the cover and stay out of trouble and let eLandlord Insurance help you find the best policy out there.


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