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When you have more than one property a block policy landlord insurance policy is perfect for your letting business. This page will teach you what the benefits are of keeping all your properties under one roof?  


Let's find out.


Get discounts for multiple properties


The great thing about a block policy is the discount you get for insuring multiple properties under one policy. Insurance companies love customers like you because obviously you pay more for your insurance, but they do offer you a discount of course.  Some discounts can be up to 35% or maybe a bit more because if you have multiple properties, you just have to wait and see when you get a quote or compare prices with your


The do it yourself, landlord insurance policy


When your block policy is set up by the insurance company it should contain all your policy details so you can make arrangements for a staff member to take care of that for you or it makes it simple for you to take care of it without talking to the insurance company to make minor changes.  


Also, you can do this...


Login and view your property in one place


The great thing about having control over your properties is the ability to log in online and make alterations and add a new property as your portfolio grows.  Insurance company make this very easy for you these days and the online service comes for free, it's all part of your block policy landlords insurance policy, which is perfect.  This will save you time phoning up the insurance company to make a small change to your policy and it could save you money on administration fees because some insurance companies actually charge you for making changes to your policy, you can do it yourself for free.


All your contents insurance under one policy


When you cover your properties with contents insurance you'll be able to see your entire contents policies all in one place also.  You can see what's covered, what's not and how you can claim your policy if any malicious damage or accidental damage has happened to any of the items insured under your policy.  It really does make it easy and in my opinion, the easiest way is the best way.  You can also do the same with your buildings insurance; let's have a closer look at this.


All your buildings insurance under one policy


Just like your contents insurance you should be able to see all your buildings insurance in the one place too, you should have a list of property addresses and the buildings insurance that is listed under the individual property so you know it is covered and the policy is active.


You see block policy buy to let insurance really is a perfect solution for landlords who work with multiple properties because it saves his or hers letting business money at the end of the day and, to be honest, that's what it's all about.  Compare prices for block policy landlord insurance today and you'll see you can get a 35% discount off your policy and you'll be happy you found us today.

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