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eLandlord Insurance takes the privacy of our users’ information very seriously. In our policy is an explanation of how and why we use the information fetched about you through our website eLandlord Insurance, both when you compare quotes and use the free services from us and when you make contact through our comparison engine.


Please read through this policy carefully to get an understanding of eLandlord Insurance's information practices before using eLandlord Insurance's website.


By using eLandlord Insurance and any of the services we offer through it, you are accepting to be bound by the terms of this policy in respect of the information about you collected via eLandlord Insurance.


In case you have any queries about eLandlord Insurance's policy, please use the contact details found on to get in touch with us, the site owner (Robert) will support you and do his best to ensure your questions are answered.




Below is the personal information eLandlord Insurance may collect from you when you fill in your landlord insurance details on to our site or when you reach us through email or telephone:


  • Real name, a user name, date of birth, gender;
  • Contact preferences, telephone number, postal address, email address;
  • Information about your occupation and the products and/or services you are interested in




  • Provide you with information regarding our comparison services;
  • Process your applications and orders through the free tools;
  • Manage your privacy rights;
  • Obtain feedback about our products and comparison services from you; and
  • Provide top quality customer services.




Sometimes eLandlord Insurance may find it necessary to provide certain information about you to companies we have a strategic connection with, to assist eLandlord Insurance and fulfill your needs, provide a quote, and deliver the best prices.


eLandlord Insurance will tell you about this immediately when we collect the necessary landlord information. In case you do not wish to disclose some of the personal details necessary eLandlord Insurance asks for, it is important to note that some landlord comparison services may be unavailable to you.


If you provide the personal information for us at eLandlord Insurance ask for and accept to have it disclosed to third parties who are our insurance comparison business partners, eLandlord is committed to ensuring your privacy rights continue to be protected at all time during your visit at




Your IP address, which is automatically recorded by eLandlord Insurance's web server once you visit, is  the site not linked to your personal information. Your IP address is used to provide us with demographic information for purposes of local broker comparison services.




Please contact us by email ( or telephone on 0843 289 7706 if you wish to change any of the details you have provided us with. We are determined to keep the information we have about you as complete, accurate and up to date as possible to avoid possible inconveniences.




If you link to eLandlord Insurance's site through a third party site, or if you access other websites via links posted on eLandlord Insurance, we cannot be responsible for the privacy policies of those sites. We recommend that you check the policies of those other linked sites and contact their webmaster there or operators if you have questions and concerns you need to be clarified.


CONTACT eLandlord Insurance


Feel free to contact eLandlord Insurance via the contact form on the eLandlord Insurance website if you have any question regarding your personal or business information, or just want to get a quote and compare prices for cheaper landlord insurance.

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