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A Detailed Guide to Fixtures and Fittings Insurance for Landlords - A Definition​


In this article, I'm going to explain what a landlord insurance policy will cover in regards to fixtures and fittings. This seems to be a question that a lot of landlords seem to want to know the answer to so I'm going to do my best to answer your question in great detail.


This article is quite long but it does go into detail and by the end of it, you'll be able to understand the type of policy you're looking for.  We will also cover where to find one for the best price, from a good landlord insurance company.


What type of policy am I looking for my fixtures and fittings?


When you are looking for a landlord insurance policy to cover your fixtures and fittings around your rental property you should be looking for a contents insurance policy. A landlord insurance policy is quite simple to understand when you have the information to hand. Here is a breakdown of what are normal landlord insurance policy will look like from any UK insurance company.


  • Buildings insurance
  • Contents insurance
  • Rent guarantee insurance
  • Home Emergency cover


As you can see a policy that covers landlords are a bit different from a normal home insurance policy. Remember, you cannot use your home insurance policy to cover a tenant living in your let property. This is a mistake you want to avoid as a landlord so don't use your home insurance policy for your business. 


What does a landlord insurance company regard as your fixtures and fittings?


When you take out a contents insurance policy which covers your fixtures and fittings, you may want to know exactly what is covered before you even buy a policy. It is a good idea to know what you are buying because some landlords try to save a bit of money going without a contents policy because they only have one flat and that flat is unfurnished.


Landlords with multiple properties should consider taking out comprehensive landlord cover for fixtures and fittings because the rest is just too great not to have it.


Here is a small list of what you contents insurance policy will cover. Your insurance company will cover these items on a new for an old condition.


  • Carpets and flooring
  • Curtains and blinds
  • Lights, sockets, and electrical fittings
  • White goods like a washing machine or tumble dryer


What does new for old mean?


New for old is a policy definition set by landlord insurance companies. This means that if any of your items you see above are damaged in any way they will be replaced but they are conditions to this so please read the following carefully as I tried to explain what this means. 


If you have tenant damages any of the property you see above you the policy may not cover this malicious damage as another policy is needed for this. The items under the new for old condition boat cover items for fire damage and also damaged caused by water by flooding.


They will also cover any damage caused by aircraft and other malicious damage caused by outsiders who are not your tenant.


Your fixtures and fittings will also include lightning damage and explosion damage if your house happens to go bang. The possible also includes cover if a tree falls on the roof your property.  You are also covered for collision and impact damage if a car happens to come through your front door or a truck lands in your living room. This is a bit extreme but these things do happen as we see it in the news every other week as mad things happened out the blue.


You never know.


You will also have protection from storm damage, white goods and the items you see above you. Your policy will also cover you for riots and any type of water or oil leakage which is appropriate if you live in a flood area. There is a multitude of things and insurance company will cover you for and this is just some of them. Please don't take this guidance to heart because every landlord policies different for the individual landlord taking out the policy.


The best way to know what is current is by talking to the insurance company before you pay your first month's payment. 


What fixtures and fittings are not covered under my landlord insurance?


Every insurance company has terms and conditions and place to make sure you get what you pay for. However,  there are certain items the insurance company will not pay for so remember to ask when you're getting a quote what you want the policy to cover.  Insurance companies cannot lie or hide anything from you but they do protect themselves against fraudulent claims. If your house is burnt to the ground you can bet your boots that the insurance company will do a full audit to get to the bottom of it because they want somebody in the courtroom.


How much will a landlord insurance policy cost me for fixtures and fittings cover?


Like any insurance policy, the cost of it will vary from policy to policy.  A contents insurance policy to cover fixtures and fittings should cost you around £80 per year but again that depends on who you get a quote and who you eventually take out the policy with. The cost of this is not set in stone so please don't go to the insurance company and tell them we said that it will cost £80 because we didn't as this is just a rough guide.


Can I also include another cover like building and contents insurance?


Of course, you can you can add any type of insurance to your landlord insurance as long as it fits the policy.  You can have buildings insurance and a loss of rent policy if you really want to. Since we are looking at fixtures and fittings you can take out a contents only policy which will cover the items we are talking about in this article. A combined landlord insurance policy may cost you two to three hundred pounds per year. This will depend on the level of cover you actually planning to take.


Will the policy pay out if the tenant damages my fixtures and fittings?


Unfortunately not. If your tenant damages any of your fixtures and fittings within your rented property, your policy may not pay out because you didn't tell the insurance company you wanted to cover for such a thing. You need to include malicious damage by tenants to your property which is an additional charge.  There may be a policy which includes malicious damage caused by tenants and there is a way to find one which we will have a look at later on.


What should I do when I spend money on my property?


To make sure you will get a payout for all your white goods and other fixtures and fittings make sure you keep all your receipts of payment. Insurance companies love receipts because they will be able to process your claim much faster and your payout for obviously be much faster as well. The reason for this is because people in the past have been trying to claim for items they have never bought in the first place and that is why insurance companies are cracking down on this


Just like any business please keep a record of all your purchases because it will make it easier on you in the long run.


Where can I find a policy to cover fixtures and fittings?


There are plenty of choices for landlords when it comes to insurance so let's go over this and our comparison engine we have available for landlords on this site.  When it comes to finding the right insurance policy you need the right information to steer you in the right direction and that what we try and do here at Elandlord.


Yes, we can guide you to our comparison engine that compares many UK insurance companies to find you a cracking contents insurance policy but there are other ways and we're going to explain this as well.


The top insurance companies are total landlord insurance and simple landlord insurance both of which are great companies if you do not find success with our comparison engine.  We are very sure you all things exist but you want to give you other options to so that we know we have done their job by putting you first instead of us because that's what we are all about.


If you want to try our service please go to the quote page and fill your details in


Other landlord insurers are listed here and here.


When you have finished filling in your property details you will receive quotes from the best insurance company with the best price. It really is that simple and just so you know a lot of care and attention has gone into actually making this comparison engine which is provided by a great company who knows what they doing.


Compare fixtures and fittings insurance for landlords quotes with us right here at eLandlord. Get a quote.

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