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About eLandlord and What I Do!


Hello, and welcome to my website landlords. My name is Robert J. Mcleary, I'm the owner of eLandlord I created this website to make a difference and help landlords through the insurance process and also to help them understand what they need.


As a landlord myself, I have many years experience dealing with landlord insurance companies and I know the policy types inside out. I also love helping people get what they need without messing about.


That's why I created eLandlord


I started this website in November 2015 and it's grown to over 400 visitors a day in a little as 9 months. I have been working hard on the content on the site and it's filled with useful information.


I have detailed articles on landlord contents insurance as well as landlord buildings insurance so landlords can learn the difference between the both policies.


The landlord can also take a policy out called rent guarantee insurance, which covers your rent if the tenant becomes unemployed and stops paying the rent. If can be difficult to remove them, we'll you how to do this the easy way and a way that's more comfortable for you as a landlord.


You can also learn about the emergency cover, which pays for emergency repair work. This cover replaces door lock, keys and glass windows. This can cover you for out of hour emergencies too.


About The Comparison Tools


The comparison tools are provided by QuoteSearcher, a company that’s regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, so it is very safe to use the free service.


How I Pay My Bills


QuoteSearcher pays me a small fee every time a landlord uses the service and gets a quote. I don't do anything else after that, as I 'm not allowed to because I'm not a member of the Financial Conduct AuthorityIf you have any concerns about the policy you take out, you'll have to take it up with the insurance company. The insurance company will be available when you use the quote tool.


I hope you find my site useful and please send me feedback so I can make the site better for you.


You can contact me here.


Please return to my homepage where you can learn more about landlord insurance.

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