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What policies are available to UK landlords?


You can choose a range of policies from pay monthlyflat roof properties, empty property insurance or cover for first-time landlords and private landlords.


  • comprehensive policy includes contents and building insurance for extra security for landlords all over the UK.
  • Landlords insurance is an insurance cover that helps to protect your property from unexpected events. It helps to offer you security for your property should the unexpected. 
  • From the physical damage of your property to the tenants defaulting to pay their rent; a good buy-to-let insurance policy covers it all.

There are many pitfalls in being a landlord. 


However, the landlord policy helps to give you a safer landing ground. With the right insurance policy by your side, you can worry no more about the safety of your property or your portfolio of properties


Your life in the investment markets will soon be a joy ride for you. Below are some guides to help you select the best landlords insurance policies. 

1. Landlord Buildings insurance information.


  1. Buildings insurance is the best insurance policy plan that can help you to ensure your property against flood, storm or even fire. 
  2. It helps to ensure your property against any major damages, basically. As a matter of fact, some mortgage companies always insist on landlords taking this cover before being accepted for a mortgage.
  3. If you're worried about the central heating system for your property you can buy the cover for your boiler and central heating system under our buildings insurance or it may come under contents insurance with some companies.
  4. However, as a landlord, you still need to shop around for the best buildings insurance policies that you can comfortably work with. 
  5. Some buildings insurance firms also cover malicious damage to your property. You can buy the cover for glass as well as a key replacement for your properties. 


2. Landlord Contents insurance information.


  1. Contents insurance is a must-have a landlord insurance policy for the landlords that own furnished properties. This policy can be acquired on its own as contents only cover or together with buildings insurance.
  2. The best thing about this insurance cover is that a landlord can get to select the appropriate sum based on the value of his property. However, landlords need to use a landlord contents insurance policy on a new-for-old basis.
  3. The additional advantage of this insurance policy is that a landlord can also get to add accidental or malicious damage cover of his/her properties to the insurance policy too. If you have a new kitchen or some expensive kitchen appliances your contents policy will cover these as well. 
  4. However, there are some insurance firms that still offer contents insurance even though the property is still not yet furnished or if the tenant has a pet. Their basis is that as long as the landlord has provided curtains, kitchen appliances as well as light fittings to his properties, then he/she is fit for the insurance cover.
  5. This is why so many landlords prefer this type of insurance cover because it offers peace of mind. However, a landlord does not need to include the properties of his tenants in this insurance cover. This is because tenants are responsible for their own properties. 


3. The Specialist Insurance for Landlords.


Many landlords prefer this type of insurance policy because it covers the household properties too. However, the extent of this insurance cover, as well as the premiums involved varies from one insurance firm to another.


  • It is very important for a landlord to compare the different policies of the different insurance firms in order to choose the best cover.
  • However, while comparing the different policies, it is important to note that cheap policies might not always be a good option. Decent landlords insurance must protect your properties as well as the liabilities involved like flooding, fire and damages. Many landlords choose holiday home insurance for short stay tenancies and if you need insurance for students, it's here too.


There are insurance companies that cover home emergencies, rent guarantee cover as well as the legal expenses and a block of flats insurance policy.

Buy-to-let Insurance?

Buy-to-let insurance is landlord insurance but tailored towards buy-to-let landlords with mortgages. The cover includes buildings and contents insurance as standard and you can add other things like rent guarantee insurance or landlord home emergency insurance for lost keys and burst pipes.


If you would like a quote you can get one here.



4. Landlord Loss of Rent Insurance.


This insurance cover is specifically tailored to cover the landlords whose tenants usually default to pay their rent. It covers the loss of rent. This is why it is a must-have for all the landlords.


  • In addition, using this insurance cover, a landlord can still demand compensation in the event that his properties become uninhabitable due to damages. Furthermore, this insurance cover is the best for the landlords who rely mostly on the rent in order to meet their mortgage expenses. 
  • However, in as much as these insurance covers are meant to protect the landlord, it is still important for the landlord to select the policies that match their needs. Landlords also need to keep an updated record of their single or multiple properties too.


They need to inform their insurer in the event that they make some changes to their properties. They also need to inform them should a tenant vacate from their properties. This is extremely important because some insurance firms do not compensate for the non-informed changes occurring in the properties!


5. Need Landlord Insurance for DSS Tenants?


  • Many landlords choose DDS tenants as a means of occupancy but it does come with some risk and if you know how to deal with it, the risks can be reduced a great deal.
  • When a tenant receives housing benefits, the landlord is paid directly most of the time or it's paid by the tenant directly. It is ideal if the landlord gets paid directly though as it saves temptations for tenants who receive benefits.
  • You can find this type of insurance here by using our free comparison tool, if that's what you're looking for, go ahead and get a quote right now for your DSS tenant


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